• Three-point technology for considerably more foothold and stability in your shoes 

• Enhances direct power transfer for faster response and explosive change of direction 

• Leave your shoelaces closed 

• Smoothed ball impact area for higher pass precision and better aim in your kicks 

• Better ball control in receiving the ball, dribbling and passing 

• High spin effect with cross and goal kicks  

The trademark-protected product was tested in application in several sports during training and competition as well as in physiotherapy with invariably  positive results. 

Up to the present, most experience was obtained from soccer. Both male and female players from all age groups and a wide range of divisions have tested xoopo X-1.

All of them came to the same conclusion: "Indeed xoopo shoe strip brings more stability, power transfer and better ball control to the players."


Parents and coaches of young soccer players now can keep relaxed: Finally, we have put an end to disturbing interruptions caused by open shoelaces during training and match.  

xoopo strip completely covers the shoelace knot and the shoe can permanently remain closed. No more tears of pain for young soccer players caused by tying the shoes too tight without intention. xoopo allows for loose tying. The strip alone will provide the foothold you need - we guarantee it!  

xoopo strip is available for shoe sizes 29 and higher. 

xoopo strip provides advantages not only for soccer players - Jeremy TeHuia shows this in an impressing manner. The New Zealand-born player, who now is a member of the German rugby team, is absolutely fascinated. Rugby players need a particular high foothold in their shoes. More power when speeding up and faster sideward movements may be decisive in a match.  

When kicking the ball, "Jay Tee" additionally benefits from the flat impact area the strip creates in the zone around the shoelace knot, which provides a considerably higher level of precision in his kicks.